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Key Features of FXTM aka Forex Time explained! Is it a good broker for 2019?

Forex Time (FXTM) established in the year 2012 is still in its nascent phase in the online Forex trading dominion. Nevertheless, in this small amount of time the broker has made his mark in the trading world in about five years. They have won the “Best Newcomer 2013” and “Fastest Growing Forex Broker”, which has cemented their position in the trading world. The small firm operates out of Cyprus with an IFSC code of Belize as well as FSB. If you are planning to look at the firm from a trading point of view, you will find that it is ranked number two already from the 313 brokers listed.

The Key Features

Accounts and Trading Platforms

The main key focus of the company is forex trading. Apart from that they also offer a myriad of other ways in which you can avail of their services. Financial products such as CFDs on Commodity Futures and spot metal trading have been added to their portfolio in the recent past giving you a range of products to choose from. They have stepped into the currency pairing, with the recent acquisition of the Chinese Yuan. This helps the customers not only trade in the conventional way but also gives them an opportunity to trade with currency pairs and spot metal trading coupled with the prominent currencies.

Through the addition of their PAMM program, one can optimise their time creating a portfolio. Creating a portfolio with them is a simple systematic process of not more than five steps.

1. Register with FXTM 2. Take the small test provided by them to tell you how best the investments will suit you. 3. Breathe in on the approval. 4. Next, deposit the funds in Euros or USD 5. Your funds will be assigned according to your portfolio and then your investments will being thereafter.

Once you are in the system, the FXTM Portfolio Management Department (PMD) will attend to your created portfolio. You will get regular updates and information from them about all your investments to maximise your returns. A highly recommended trader will choose your portfolio and help you with continuous successful strategy.

Another eye-catching feature of this broker is Multi Account Manager (MAM), which allows highly active traders exceptional solutions to manage their accounts with ease.

One of the main features this gives you is the accessibility of a Demo account, which will help a trader to get the full experience even before he opens a full functional one.

· Spreads

According to, FXTM offers three different trading accounts.. Since there is no minimum and maximum, investment capping no commission is charged. The standard Fixed Spread accounts for the trading can be used in USD or EURO with floating advantages of 1:1000 and 1:500.

Lately, they have added to their assortment by the introduction of CFDs trading in shares. With the introduction of the FXTM account, the traders can avail of selecting more than 180 US shares with a 1:33 advantage on the MT4 platform for instant success. These accounts have been rapidly picked up by the likes of Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, Twitter and Microsoft.

The crypto currency boom did not keep them from taking a swing at it. In early 2018, FXTM started offering CFD trading with crypto currencies under the aegis of FT Global Limited with a spread of 1:10 in advantage.

· Educational in Nature

FXTM, on a regular basis keeps providing its traders with information and hosting webinars to help them invest carefully and responsibly. They have a number of tutorials for professional traders as well as people whetting the process of staring out their first Forex trade. These tutorials and videos are accessed on the go just by scanning a QR code. They provide step-by-step formulas to good trading and risk management and technical analysis. These help people to get a good picture before investing their money into Forex.

Besides their own workshops and webinars that account holders can attend (there have been workshops in south africa!), they also encourage third parties to come and give their views on the subject of Forex trading. This allows the buyers to get an all rounded view about Forex Trading from not only one source but also multiple inputs about the same subjects. Moreover, they have comprehensive videos for country specific trading, which helps buyers know the benefits and bonuses that they will be getting while making each trade.

The Verdict

The myriad of opportunity FXTM provides gives a trader multiple options to consider before putting the money on trade that will get them the maximum benefits. The FXTM app and interface is easy to follow, and it is because of the ease of use that people are flocking towards it. Their regular webinars and troubleshooting videos help buyers make the best choice. Most importantly, it is the choice of accounts that FXTM offers, that is catching eyeballs. Somethings needs ironing out, but nothing a little time will not erase.